Small is the new big

While ministering in California last week, we had a chance to take a night off and attend the revival meetings that have been ongoing in San Diego for almost 500 days straight. As we arrived at the church, I expected to see a large room full of people who were hungry for what God was doing, but instead we found ourselves in a smaller room with just a handful of people. The presence of God was so strong in this place, and even though the room filled up during the time of worship, it was still a relatively small crowd compared to what I was expecting to see. About a week later, we were ministering at a small church in San Antonio where, once again, the presence of God was so thick in the room, even though the attendance wasn’t very large. I have been to plenty of small and large churches throughout my life, and what I am starting to notice is that the hunger for more of God in these smaller groups of people is so high that the presence of God seems to be much stronger in these services, than in many of the larger events or churches. I don’t think it is about the size of the church, or the number of the people, but there is something about the hunger level of people who will gather together to worship God on a night in the middle of the week. There is no doubt in my mind that hunger draws his presence. And I suspect that these smaller groups of people tend to have less skeptics in the room, and people more focused on worshipping their king. I’m reminded of a prophecy given a few years ago where it was declared that the next big church movement was not going to be in large building with large crowds of people, but in smaller gatherings occurring in homes and in small churches. If you are hungry for more of God, or if you feel spiritually dry, go find a meeting where a small group of believers are pursuing his presence with reckless abandon. I think you will find yourself refreshed much quicker in these environments than in larger settings where it can be harder to connect with people or plug into what God is doing.

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