Spare Prayers

A few weeks ago we were walking down the street on the way to church when a homeless man asked me if I had any spare change.  I used to keep a few dollars handy for these situations but then I realized a lot of it gets spent on alcohol or drugs so I had to stop that practice.  So this time I instead told the guy that I had a spare prayer.  His eyes immediately lit up, he got excited, and he even threw his cigarette on the ground because he thought that would somehow matter.  Well we prayed and we blessed him then went on our way.  So what’s the point to this story?  We pass by people in need every day.  It’s easy to walk past and ignore a homeless person if you don’t know your identity in Christ but once you realize that you carry the love of God you just can’t walk past anyone in need.  You have to release the love of God anywhere and everywhere you go.  That’s your mission!

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