Spiritual Tension

We live in this tension between physical and spiritual. We live on the earth, and at the same time, are connected to the spiritual realm. Navigating both at the same time can be confusing, especially if you have been given a gift of discernment or prophecy. Having the ability to see into, or sense what is happening, in the spirit realm, and then correlating that with what is happening in the physical realm can be unnerving at first. Knowing what to do, or how to respond, in those situations is definitely something that takes practice. We have to grow into our gifts and into our callings. And that growth typically doesn’t happen overnight. It is usually a process of development over time. I have experienced seasons of acceleration in my life where God caused gifts to grow exponentially in a really short amount of time. But I think that actually increased the tension because I had a lot to learn about what he had given to me. So, we live in this tension and we learn as we go. The great thing is that Holy Spirit is an amazing teacher, and since he is the one who gives these gifts to us, he is the best one to teach us how to use them effectively. Ask him to show you how to use what he has given to you. I often advise people to pray for a gift of discernment so that they are able to know what to be involved with and what to avoid. But I have come to realize that great discernment requires a measure of wisdom to know what to do with what has been revealed. Pray for wisdom to know when to speak and when to remain silent. We can all use a little more wisdom in our lives as we navigate this tension.

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