Stay Hungry

There’s something about hunger that attracts the presence of God. He is attracted to our desire for more of him, he is drawn to the spiritual hunger that is within us. God can certainly encounter anyone at anytime regardless of whether or not they are pursuing him, Saul is a good example of that. But, when we get hungry for more of him and start to pursue the relationship as something that is the most important thing to us, it shifts something in the spirit realm and causes the attention of the Creator of the universe to be focused on us. I wasn’t always hungry for more but, when I became hungry, God started to show up in new ways. If you heard the everyday conversations that happen in our house you would probably think we are crazy. There is a constant flurry of spiritual activity in our house. I feel Holy Spirit hovering over the bed when I wake up, I feel the angels moving through the kitchen when I am making coffee, and throughout the day the presence of God seems to fill whatever room we are in. None of this happened before the hunger. None of this occurred before the pursuit. Jesus said that we need to love God with everything we have; our heart, soul, mind, and strength. It’s a relationship like no other and it requires our devotion and pursuit like no other. And the payoff is amazing. There is simply nothing like hanging out with God. If you aren’t hungry, get hungry. Ask God for a hunger for him that will never be satisfied. And if you are already hungry, get even hungrier. We can never have enough of him. Stay hungry, my friends.

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