Stay Woke!

Have you ever noticed how, at times, the Bible is very direct and blunt? Some scriptures seem friendlier than others, and some kind of punch you in the gut. One example that comes to mind is James 4:4, where we are told that being friends with the systems of the world makes us enemies with God. That’s kind of intense, and I can’t imagine using that scripture in a conversation without someone becoming offended. But it’s also very true. We have been called to live a lifestyle that influences the world, not the other way around. And we have to be willing to let scripture redirect our lives when we get off track, even if the truth is uncomfortable. I have noticed a recent trend of Christians pursuing teaching and methodologies from other religious belief systems, instead of looking to Jesus, or his word, for what they need. This is not only unwise, but also very dangerous. Satan was very crafty when he deceived Adam and Eve, and he uses the same tactics today. He will often mingle a little bit of truth with deception to trick believers. We never want to end up in a situation where we give the enemy influence in our lives, so we have to constantly be on guard for any kind of deception and ask Holy Spirit to give us the discernment to recognize when something should not be a part of our lives. As long as we keep our focus on God, anything that is not of him is more easily recognizable. The key is to stay in his presence. Sadly, there are many spiritually unhealthy practices that are common in our society. Some have already become regular practices of believers, and others are now making their way into the church. Many people use Yoga as a form of exercise, but they don’t realize that most of the poses are designed to offer worship to Hindu gods. Some believers have developed supernatural healing models based on Reiki energy healing, which is a Buddhist supernatural healing method. And then there is the Enneagram personality tests which were developed by mixing beliefs from a handful of Eastern religions and Christianity, and have a stated goal by the organizations current president of offering people several different paths to God. These are just a few examples of practices that look healthy and helpful on the surface, but have their roots in religions that directly contradict the word of God. We have to be careful here. Adding the word “Christian” to something or sprinkling in a little bit of truth doesn’t suddenly make that practice safe. Our very first allegiance has to be to our King. He is the one we look to for supernatural healing, he is the one and only path to the Father, and the one true God is the only one who deserves our worship. Any idea, and principle, and any practice that puts itself in the place of God should never play a role in our lives. If you have fallen into one of these traps, talk to Holy Spirit about it, he will show you the way out.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” – 1 Peter 5:8

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