Stop settling for less

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how few churches there are in America that are experiencing a powerful move of God. There are a lot of churches that believe in the gifts of the Spirit but so few of them are actually experiencing what God has made available to his church. I have spent most my life in churches that believe in things like prophecy and miraculous healings but I have been in very few that actually see either of those things happen. So I was wondering why that is. How is it that so many people can believe in the supernatural ability of God to intervene in people’s lives but never actually experience it? More importantly, how is it that you could believe in it, never see it, and be ok with that? Why have we settled for less? If you believe in salvation but never see anyone give their life to Christ do you wonder if your church is doing something wrong? I love praying for people and I love seeing miracles but there are a lot of hurting people out there and a relatively small group of people can’t reach them all. We need more Christians stepping into the reality of who they were created to be. We need more people chasing after the things of God so that they can release his love to those who need it. If every Christian took up the challenge Jesus gave in Matthew 10:1, and viewed Mark 16:15-18 as a reality we all could walk in, the world would be changed very quickly. It’s time to turn belief into action.

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