I have this rule. I don’t question any action or word from my sovereign King. If he wants to do something, and I know it is him, I don’t try to stop it and I don’t get in his way. He is the King of the universe, after all. He has the right to do whatever he wants to do. But, sometimes we don’t recognize his actions because we expect him to move in a very defined way. We create this theological viewpoint that says God can’t do anything outside the framework of what we are used to, what we have previously experienced, or what we read about in the Bible. That may seem theologically sound on the surface, but it is actually a flawed viewpoint because it assumes that the fullness of God has already been revealed and that he won’t ever do anything new or different. I look at this differently. I view God as a supernatural being who has complete authority over the earth and whose actions, personality, and sovereignty can never be fully captured in one book, or even in a library full of books. Even John, when speaking about the miracles of Jesus in John 21:25 tells us that all the books in the world could not contain all the things Jesus did in his few short years of ministry. So why would we expect a supernatural God to never do anything different than what we have already read about or seen for ourselves?

I lived in Japan for several years and I watched as people would walk up to idols made of wood and stone; they would pray to these idols, light incense, and leave offerings. It confused me. I knew these idols had no power to help them and I knew that the demons hanging around behind these idols also had no desire to help them. And yet, they would come in religious fashion to pray to something that couldn’t offer them any help. I don’t want to serve a God like that. I don’t want to serve a helpless God or one limited to the same actions a human being can take. I want a God who is supernatural. One who is almighty, all powerful, and can move heaven and earth if that is what is required to help me. Who, in all of the universe, when given a choice between a powerless idol and a powerful God would willingly choose the former? So, when I think about God encountering the people he created, I expect those encounters to be supernatural. I expect things to happen that seem a little weird to us. This is why stories of feathers falling out of thin air, gold dust appearing on people’s hands, faces, or clothing, and spontaneous laughter don’t phase me.

I get it, this can be theologically and spiritually disastrous if we just allow anything to happen in a church service. But it is equally disastrous to shut down everything that we don’t understand. This is where the gift of discernment (1 Cor. 12:10) comes in. We have to be able to discern between what God is doing, what the enemy is doing, and what some random person is doing. But we also have to recognize that we serve a supernatural God. We should expect him to act in a supernatural way. And, more importantly, we should invite him to come and do whatever he wants to do.

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