Supernatural Anniversary

This week is the seven-year anniversary of when we had our first major encounter with the power of God that launched us into the supernatural lifestyle we are living today. It was the first of many encounters that have marked us for something none of us ever deserve to be a part of—partnering with God to change the world. We track our encounters with God, just as many of the patriarchs did in the Old Testament. They are points of remembrance, and reminders of what God will do in our lives as we continue to pursue him above everything else. The past seven years haven’t looked like what we expected, but they have been a wild and exciting ride through the mysterious ways of God that brought so much healing and restoration to our own lives and to the lives of so many others. Allow me to encourage all of you that there are always seasons of life that we need to go through in order to be in the right place at the right time for God’s purposes to be fulfilled. Sometimes that right place is a state of mind, sometimes it’s a physical location, and sometimes it’s a place of receiving freedom. Whatever, or wherever it is, it’s important that we trust the process our King takes us through, because being properly prepared is the only way that we can be successful in our next season. It may not happen on our desired timeline, or in the way we expected, but that doesn’t mean God is unfaithful or unable to do what he said he would do. He always does what he promises! Your journey may not look like ours, but I promise you, you are one encounter away from moving even closer to what God has planned for your life!

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