Supernatural Encounters

I woke up one day last week and could feel a hand on each of my shoulders. An angel came to shake me awake and, I’m still not quite sure why, but I know there was something significant about that moment. I feel like we are in a season where supernatural encounters are going to become more common. I sense that we are right on the edge of God doing something new that is going to increase angelic encounters with people, and not just with believers. Angels were fairly common in the Bible; Abraham had regular encounters with angels long before Jesus set things straight with his sacrifice and angels must have also been common during the early church since the disciples dismissed the claims of Rhoda and told her she was seeing an angel after Peter was released from prison (see Acts 12:15). These are the types of encounters I am expecting to see increase in this season. Doug Addison recently prophesied that the glory of God that was on the earth during the Jesus people movement in the 1970’s was returning to earth on March 17th; that’s today! So many people turned to God during the Jesus people movement and it had an incredible effect, not just on the church, but across many areas of society. There was also a lot of creativity during the 70’s that we haven’t seen on the earth since that time. I’m excited about the possibility of seeing God’s glory poured out on the earth again like it was 40 years ago! I’m excited about seeing many more lives impacted and seeing the Kingdom of God released in a new way and seeing creativity return to the church. I’m mostly excited about what is going to happen in D.C. but, this outpouring won’t be localized so wherever you are, start asking God to show up in powerful ways during everyday events in your city. Pray for supernatural encounters, pray for outpourings of his glory, and pay attention to what he is doing so you can partner with him.

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