Supernatural Strength

In 2 Cor. 12:9 the Lord said his “strength is made perfect in weakness.” We have access to his strength just as we have access to anything else in the kingdom. Being seated with Christ (see Eph. 2:6) means that we already sit in a position of authority. From that perspective all we have to do is reach over and grab hold of what we need (notice I said need not want—-this isn’t about greed). So when we need his strength it is readily available just as words of knowledge or prophecy are available for us to minister to others. Samson’s strength came from the Lord, it was not his own. And he lived under an inferior covenant (see Heb. 8:6) so what does that mean we have access to? We can also draw on God’s strength to sustain us through any situation. It’s not about staying weak because he is strong, it’s about accessing his strength when we are weak so that we can overcome. Weakness is not a virtue! When trouble comes, when problems arise, or when we find ourselves completely out of strength then we go back to the source to recharge so we can keep moving forward. His strength is perfect even in the midst of our weakness.

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