The spiritual world is real. Angels are real. Demons are real. God is a spiritual being. We exist as a body, soul, and spirit. These are facts that Christians all over the world believe and there is a lot of scripture to support it. So why is it that when supernatural stuff happens some people look at it like it’s weird, unholy, illegitimate, or even evil? Psalm 16:11 tells us that in his presence is fullness of joy so people laughing in the altar should be perfectly normal if they are spending time with Jesus. Exodus 34 tells us about Moses having to cover his face because of the glowing after effect of being in God’s presence. Maybe the gold dust or glitter that shows up on people’s hands and faces is a similar manifestation of what Moses experienced. Let’s not be so quick to scoff at something simply because we don’t understand it. God is so much bigger than our understanding.

Acts 8:6 and John 6:2 both show us that crowds show up when miraculous things happen. Here’s a news flash, signs and wonders are God’s PR program. Yeah, I know it’s bigger than that but if people come running when supernatural stuff happens and then you have an opportunity to tell them about Jesus, wouldn’t you want more supernatural stuff to happen? Society today is very curious about the supernatural and 1 Corinthians 12 reveals the supernatural gifts available to all of us that can be used to impact the world. We need to shift our understanding of normal so that we live from a supernatural perspective because that viewpoint positions us to see God do amazing things.

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