Taking Territory

I was at a conference a few weeks ago and during the final night’s time of worship I noticed a large angry man militantly circling the inside of the room as if he was marching around territory he was preparing to plunder. I laughed at the first site of him because he looked a little ridiculous and it was real obvious that he wasn’t there to worship God but then I realized his purpose and that changed my response. I realized that while 1500 people were worshipping God, one demonically influenced man was circling them to claim the territory in an attempt to disrupt the worship. The enemy is not sitting idle somewhere twiddling his thumbs waiting for something to do. I think we get the wrong idea sometimes from God’s conversation with satan in the book of Job that he is just wandering around the earth. He is actively trying to take territory while many in the church are content to sit passively in their church buildings instead of stopping the enemies advance; at the very least we should be keeping him from taking territory. I tend to think that if more Christians started prayer walking around their cities to claim the territory of the city for God we would see a dramatic change in the atmosphere. Now back to my marching friend; he didn’t last long and ended up marching out of the room once a few of us caught onto his plan. Needless to say, his mission was a complete failure.

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