The Best Guide

I had a chance to spend time with my Great Uncle this past week and had another opportunity to see what a life sold out for Jesus looks like. He is 94 years old and still on fire for God! He told me some new stories I haven’t heard before, about many of the revivals he led, different churches he planted, and even about a time where the power of God hit him so hard that someone else had to preach for him—and he laid on the platform during the entire service! One thing he reminded me about was the importance of following Holy Spirit. Jesus taught about the importance of Holy Spirit, about how he would will lead us into all truth, and even show us the future (John 16:13). When we follow closely after Holy Spirit, we are sure to run into truths we have not yet discovered and catch glimpses of what God has planned for us a little further down the road. Our society today has advanced to the point where we can find a lot of the answers we need, or we think we need, by reading a book, taking a test, or putting some type of process in place. Some of these methods work, but they are often substitutes for what Holy Spirit can teach us, if we are simply willing to listen to him. We often teach on the importance of developing such a deep intimacy with our creator, that we are able to hear his voice in any situation and follow the path of his footsteps wherever he leads us. It’s not always a quick fix. Sometimes it’s a journey that leads us to a place that we could have never reached using any other method. It’s not always easy, and sometimes we look a little foolish, especially when those around us don’t understand this simple principle. But one thing I have learned is that there is no one better to follow. Even if I don’t understand where he is leading me, or how long it will take to get there, I will follow him anywhere. That’s the life we are all called to live. There really is no better guide who can not only get us through life, but can do it in a way that enables us to fulfill every purpose and destiny for which we were created. If you are trying to figure out your next steps, if you are going through a season of difficulty, or even if you are in a great place right now, ask Holy Spirit to guide you, and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!

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