The end and the beginning

As this year draws to an end, I have been reflecting on what God has done these past 12 months, and I’m looking forward to what he has planned for next year. One thing I have discovered in the past few years is that God has a perfect timing for everything. Most of us often arrive at the end of a year wondering why we didn’t accomplish certain things, and resolving to make it happen in the upcoming year. Sometimes it’s a simple case of procrastination, but other times it’s a matter of waiting for the right time. If you are holding onto a stack of prophetic words, like we are, you may even wonder why another year has passed without seeing those words fulfilled. I have thought about that from time to time, but I realized at some point that God’s timing is so incredibly important. I realized that there are people I would have never met if some of the promises materialized earlier. I realized there are lives we were able to impact, that we may have never impacted if prophesies came true in the instant they were given. It doesn’t always make sense in the moment, but when we take a look back, we can often see some of the why behind the waiting. So we continue to wait with expectation and anticipation for what God will do next, and we wait with the realization that his timing is always perfect, even if it makes no sense to us in the moment. Let’s approach this new year with renewed hope for the lives being impacted in greater ways, freedom for those in captivity, and the kingdom of God coming to earth like never before!

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