The experience of a lifetime

What you have to ask yourself is, “what kind of experience do I want to have with God?”  Do you want more than you have now?  Do you want just an ordinary every day Christian experience?  Do you simply want the same ordinary experience that 99% of all Christians have today?  Sure, your salvation is probably secure.  But there is so much more God has to offer you.  Christianity isn’t just about getting to heaven.  It’s about living a great life.  Look at Abraham, he was highly favored because of his faithfulness.  He was willing to sacrifice anything, even his son, to stay close to God.  Are you willing to do anything God requires of you?  Regardless of the cost, regardless of the requirement; if you know it’s his command, are you willing to obey? This is the mindset you must have, and this is the lifestyle you must lead if you want to break out of the ordinary cycle and step into an extraordinary moment with the ancient of days.

So which is it?  Do you want to settle for an ordinary Christian experience, or do you want to have an experience like nothing you ever had before?

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