The greatest sacrifice

We had the privilege this past weekend of spending 3 days with a group comprised of people who escaped from North Korea, South Korean’s who have a heart for North Korea, and a revolutionary missionary who is called to minister to those who have escaped from North Korea. Their stories were captivating, challenging, and heart wrenching as we learned about their experiences. During one of the services, the speaker made this statement, “The greatest thing we can do is die for Jesus.” After hearing this, the room was mostly silent with very few amens or verbal agreement. That phrase shook the theology of those present because it is not something we think about in American Christian culture. We live in a society that doesn’t have to take life or death risks with our faith. The worst we really experience is someone calling us names on social media. Seventeen former members of this team have been captured in China, sent back to North Korea, and executed. When your life is literally on the line every day that you minister, it quickly changes your perspective. Philippians 1:21 says “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” The greatest sacrifice we can ever make for our faith is to give our lives for the cause of Christ. I once heard Will Hart tell a story about facing death when he was in the Congo, he told the soldiers who were pointing guns at him, “you can’t kill me, I’m already dead!” It’s this level of faith in Jesus that laughs at the possibility of death because we know our lives have already been given fully into His hands. Take a minute to pray for North Korea today, and for this team that is so passionate about bringing freedom to others, that they will give their lives for the cause.

We have posted their ministry video on our Facebook page that shares the story of their work and the challenges they have encountered. Go here now to watch it.

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