The impact of wisdom

Lauren and I are a little unique in the ministry world. A typical pastor or missionary has a degree from a bible college and the majority of their experience revolves around the activities, services, and administration of church. Our backgrounds are quite different. Our degrees are not in theological fields; computer science, hacking, social services, public administration, and military service are not common on pastoral resumes. I have actually struggled from time to time with how to merge ministry with our varied backgrounds and experiences. I love the ministry aspect of what we do but I also know that we have the ability to release the wisdom of God into other non-church arenas. The Lord reminded me about Solomon a few days ago, and highlighted the fact that Solomon did not limit the sharing of his wisdom to Israel, he shared it with anyone who came to him. 1 Kings 10 starts off with the story of the Queen of Sheba paying Solomon a visit and being greatly impressed with his wisdom. Later in the chapter we see that everyone in the known world at that time (my NASB version says “all the earth”) was seeking an opportunity to be in Solomon’s presence. What I love about this is that Solomon’s wisdom was not limited to the subject of how to be a good king. He had wisdom for any situation, subject, or topic. And he was willing to share it with anyone who wanted to listen. I think, within the church, we sometimes focus too much of our attention on “how to do church” and very little attention on the other arenas that we could be impacting. God’s wisdom is not limited to any one arena. Whatever field you work in, ask God to give you the wisdom to create new solutions, inventions, or whatever else is needed to make that field of work more effective. There is no limit to what the Kingdom of God encompasses and there is no reason why we can’t hear from heaven and release something new that has profound impacts on the world. I have been guilty of setting some of my skills and abilities on the shelf so I can focus solely on ministry objectives but I have realized merging it all together, instead of compartmentalizing it, will have a greater impact. And I tend to think that the “Your kingdom come” piece of the model prayer Jesus gave to us encompasses every area our lives touch. I think focusing in this way is one more piece to the puzzle of getting Jesus everything he paid for. And, by the way, if you are interested, I recently wrote an article on encryption for a hacking magazine and I am working on another article that will encourage hackers around the world to use their skills in the fight against human trafficking. You can read the first one in the Spring edition of 2600 magazine.

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