The Invitation

Sometimes being a Christian can look like a life full of obligation; going to Church every week, tithing from your paycheck, and avoiding all the “bad stuff” every day. But really, it’s not an obligation, it’s an opportunity. It’s an invitation into an amazing relationship with the most amazing person in the universe. Everything God does in our lives is either an invitation for us to draw closer to him or a response to our response to his invitation. Living a Christian lifestyle isn’t the mindless following of a bunch of rules, it’s the awesome privilege of hanging out with the one who created the universe. And it’s not just about the prize of going to heaven when this life is over. Heaven is just the icing on the cake. We get to partner with God. Think about that for a minute. He wants us to partner with him. It’s like a dad teaching his kids how to do something and then taking great pleasure in watching them succeed in that task. 1 John 2:6 tells us that we know we are connected to him if we are doing the same things Jesus did (paraphrased). So what does that look like? What did Jesus do? Everywhere he went he healed the sick and set people free from all kinds of oppression. I love doing what Jesus did, I love seeing lives forever changed by one encounter. And it all started with an invitation to join him on this great adventure. But it’s something we only get a short time to do on earth because there won’t be anyone sick in heaven that we can heal. So join us in getting Jesus everything he paid for. Don’t trudge through your Christian walk just trying to get to heaven. Get out and have some fun and accept the fullness of the invitation God has offered us.

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