The King owns it all…

We tend to put God in a box and think he will only do things the way we understand but I have come to learn that God is so much bigger than we can imagine and that we need to start taking him at his word and expecting him to operate in every part of our life in supernatural ways.  One area where Christians tend to struggle theologically is with financial provision; one reason for this is probably because some churches have taught that Christians are supposed to be poor and others have swung the pendulum to the extreme opposite and taught that we can claim anything we lay our hands on.  Both views are wrong but God’s word does declare that he will provide for all of our needs and that we don’t have to worry about finances.

Psalms tells us that every animal in the forest, the cattle on a thousand hills and everything that moves in the fields all belong to God.  Then it says that the entire world and everything it contains is Gods (Psalms 50:10-12).  Later, God declares through Haggai the prophet that all the silver and gold is also his (Haggai 2:8).

So here’s the deal, if everything belongs to God, and he promised that he will provide for anything you need, then it should be perfectly normal for us to expect that God can transfer the resources we need into our bank accounts, make it appear in on the ground in front of us as we walk down the street, or get it to us in any other way imaginable.  Here’s another thought, tons of money has been lost throughout the centuries in ship wrecks, wars, and other similar disasters and no one knows where that money is.  No one but God that is; and he can easily take gold coins (remember, it belongs to him) off of the ocean floor and drop them into your pocket.  Proverbs tells us that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous (Proverbs 13:22) so God could even take the money from a drug kingpins palace in South America and stack it neatly on your kitchen table.

I know, this all sounds a little crazy but every bit of it is possible. I have heard so many stories of money supernaturally appearing in different places when people are in need.  God sent ravens to feed Elijah, instantly transported Phillip to another city, and caused a plant to grow over Jonah.  He is a supernatural god who works in ways we rarely understand and his capabilities are unlimited.  It is time for us to start believing in him as an unlimited God.  So here’s a crazy idea, ask God for what you need and then expect him to provide it.  He said he will do it, and he will.

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