The Last Resort

Why is it that when we are sick we will use medicine to get well.  And when the sickness is too great for common medicine to defeat we go to a doctor in search for a remedy.  And when the sickness can’t be cured with even stronger medication we go schedule a surgery to have the problem cut out.  And then when the surgery fails we start to pray.  Why is it that God becomes the last resort?  It seems a little backwards doesn’t it?  So many of us tend to wait until there is no other option before we realize that we skipped over the best possible option right at the beginning.  I think we do this because we don’t really expect God to show up.  And that all boils down to faith.  Living by faith is risky.  And it can be a little scary.  But the old adage that risk brings reward is definitely true when it comes to faith.  God loves risk takers and he loves partnering with anyone who chooses to take a risk on believing in his ability to help them.  So next time you are in a tight spot, don’t exhaust every option before turning to God.  Go for the God option first.  You might just find yourself surprised at what happens.

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