The Nature of Nature

If you were able to stand at the edge of the African Serengeti and look out across the vast plains that stretch from one end of the horizon to the other, you would see an amazing array of animals, plant life, and the interaction between those animals within their natural setting. We call this wild nature. It’s raw. It’s untamed. It’s, well, natural. And in this natural setting we see how the beasts of the field act and react within their surrounding environment. They do what comes natural to them, even if it means hurting another animal.

We too have so many natural tendencies. We can be raw. We can act untamed. We can be hurtful. It’s what we call the sin nature. It is our natural tendency to focus on ourselves, our needs, our wants, our desires; and sometimes we hurt others as we work to achieve our goals without any concern for those around us. Animals really can’t change their nature but we can certainly change ours. We can help our neighbors, we can help the homeless guy by the convenience store, we can even help our enemies.

Maybe it’s time to modify the tendencies that come so naturally.
Maybe it’s time we change the nature of our nature.

“ your neighbor as yourself..” Lev 19:18

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