The power of a word

Do you know how much power is behind the words that you speak? Do you know that, because you represent Jesus, there is a power and authority released every time a word comes out of your mouth? Something I have learned over time is that we can make declarations into or over people’s lives simply from a place of authority and an understanding of God’s will for his children. We can declare favor because we know God desires to favor his children. We can declare hope because we know God doesn’t want his children to live in hopelessness. And the list goes on. Any promise in the Bible that God has made to us as believers is available to all believers, so we can declare those promises, with a God given authority, when we minister to others. We have even seen miracles occur in the lives of unbelievers when we make declarations over them! When God speaks, his words take action, and ours should as well. The key here is to understand the verses in Proverbs 18:21 and 2 Cor. 5:20. When we speak as an ambassador of Jesus, our words carry life and authority. So when we speak with an expectation that what we are saying will actually happen, we will see more miracles occur on a regular basis. Jesus said we would do the things he did, and even greater things. I think so much of this hinges on understanding his promises to us, walking those promises out in our lives, and living as if what Jesus said was actually true. And you know what, it is true! It doesn’t take a lot of faith to be used by God in miraculous ways, it just takes a small shift in perspective and a willingness to take risk. You can do both of those things today. Ask God to shift your mindset anywhere it is not in line with his kingdom and to help you realize every part of your true identity. Then, go out and speak on his behalf!

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