The power of hatred

It’s been an interesting few weeks here in America, and especially an especially polarizing few weeks within Washington D.C. When I step back and look at events from an objective viewpoint, I see a lot of hatred fueling the competition between, not just political parties, but everyday people. I even see followers of Jesus getting sucked into the trap of against those who disagree with their viewpoints. We can’t afford to get sucked into a hateful bitter attitude towards anyone; even if they are staunchly against everything Jesus represents. We are called to love everyone regardless of what they believe or how they act. It’s not just about taking the high road, it’s about representing the Kingdom of God in every situation; that needs to be our focus. When his kingdom shows up, everything has to bow, even the ideas that are contrary to his kingdom principles.

Here’s what happens in the spirit realm during these situations: when we start to believe the idea that it is OK to disparage someone we disagree with, we come into agreement with the plans of demons. That may sound a little intense, but it is exactly what is happening. We empower what we agree with, so we have to be very careful about the words we speak to or about others. The power of life in death is in our tongues, we need to be speaking life. Jesus has so much planned for this nation and we get to partner with him to see it all come about. We all need to focus on what his plans are instead of focusing on what is going on around us. Sometimes it looks like the enemy is winning, but he really isn’t, he can’t, he has already lost. Jesus was and is victorious! Join me in declaring wisdom into the lives of our leaders and praying for righteousness to invade every part of government. That is so much better than being angry.

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