The simplicity of the gospel

The gospel is so simple. We make it difficult, but really, it is so simple. There’s no need to make it difficult. Jesus made it simple so that it would be easy for us to continue spreading the gospel throughout the world. But over time, we have allowed it to become difficult. We have added so many theological viewpoints that it has made the idea of the gospel much more difficult to understand. We study these viewpoints and through that process end up becoming more religious, and less relational. Let me explain. The focus of every believer should be the same focus Jesus had. Listen to what the Father is saying, watch what the Father is doing, and then say and do the same. That’s a simple concept, as long as we stay in relationship. Jesus tells us in John 15 that we can do nothing without him, we have to remain in relationship with our King if we want to see the world radically changed. What I have witnessed is that, when people dig too deeply into theological viewpoints, their focus shifts towards theology and away from Jesus. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t study theology, but it has to be secondary to the relationship. It becomes dangerous when it changes our focus. I have several great theology books on my bookshelf, and they all have great information in them, but they also have information that challenge Jesus’ simple assertions, probably because the authors have not yet had the supernatural encounters with God that show them how simple it really is. Simple is praying for the sick and seeing an instant healing. Simple is hearing God’s voice and delivering a message to someone else. Simple is releasing joy into the atmosphere in a chaotic place. It all comes from the place of intimate relationship with our King. Keeping it simple makes it so much easier to believe that the Kingdom of God will actually show up when you pray and it makes it easier to see an immediate impact in people’s lives when you do pray. It’s not difficult, it doesn’t need to be difficult, so let’s keep it simple.

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