The time is now

We have an antique German clock that we picked up when we lived in Germany about 15 years ago. It’s the style that requires manually winding to keep it running and a manual swinging of the pendulum when it is first wound to get the clock ticking. We don’t really use this clock. It sits in the dining room and is more of a display item than something we use to keep track of time. In fact, it is actually surrounded by fruit and snack baskets and I’m not even sure the last time I saw it because there is so much sitting around it. An interesting thing happened on Palm Sunday. The clock started ticking all by itself. It hasn’t been wound since the last time it was moved which was probably about 2 years ago but, we suddenly started hearing the ticking sound that morning. An unwound clock doesn’t start ticking on its own nor does the pendulum start swinging on its own. Someone had to get it started again. It doesn’t take much discernment to realize that there was some significance to this. I pulled out the winding key to see if it was ticking without being wound and found that all three of the winding points were fully wound. So, we looked at the time on the clock. I was curious if it had been set to the current time and we found that it was set to 6:38, which was not the current time.
Something we started doing a few years ago when we regularly notice the same time on the clock is to look up bible verses that correspond with that time. There’s a website,, that someone designed for this so I went out there and plugged in 638. It came back with a handful of verses, a few of which made sense to us. I felt like the Lord was saying that now is the time. So many people have in a waiting pattern while things and people were aligned to move into what God has prepared for this next season. We have been in this place where we are laying foundations for what we know is coming next and feel like this is a sign that the time is now and that the seasons are shifting. Grab hold of this; the time is now!

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