Through His Eyes

What would life be like if we could all see through the eyes of God? What would happen if suddenly we could see people the way God sees them? I tend to think it would make a difference in everything we do. Through his eyes, the world takes on a whole new perspective. He sees potential while we stare at the problems. He sees the possibility of freedom when all we see is bondage. He stands with open arms as a loving father even while we walk away from him. He sees the struggles, the pains, the disappointments, and he also sees every needed solution. When I see someone in need I have to ask God, “What is the answer for this person?” If we represent the King of the universe we should be able to provide the answer for any problem we encounter. But all too often we don’t even recognize the need because we are looking through the wrong set of eyes. One of the greatest requests that I believe we can make to God is to ask him to see people the way he sees them, and love people the way he loves them; this ability brings a much greater impact when we minister to others. We can have an incredible impact in the lives of everyone you encounter and in every place we place our feet, if we are seeing from the correct set of eyes. And you know what? This is God’s will for all of us, so we can be assured that he will give us the ability to see in this way. It changes everything. Ask him right now, and watch what happens next.

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