Time for change

Anything that tries to keep God in a box or control what Holy Spirit can do is bad. I don’t care if that’s a church program, church structure, or a full blown denomination. I have grown to dislike most organized religion because of the overly controlling structure that tends to form in these organizations–it often doesn’t leave room for Holy Spirit to do what he wants to do. And Jesus didn’t come to create denominations either; they start out with great intentions but eventually grow to the point that nobody can control the organization and the organization ends up controlling the people. This type of control has kept women out of ministry, promoted slavery during the civil war, and kept so many from fulfilling their calling or purpose in life.

Church leaders set the ceiling for what God will do in a church and what they allow usually determines what God will do. God respects the leadership he put into place but I believe it hurts the heart of God when pastors keep people from having an encounter with Jesus because they are afraid of change and overly concerned about their own man made structures and programs. Some of today’s largest Pentecostal denominations were birthed from the Azusa street revival but if the same stuff that happened at Azusa happened in these churches today it would be immediately shut down. So what happens to all the hurting people who cannot receive healing within the church? No wonder they turn to psychics, eastern mysticism, and burning man events. People are receiving advice from demonic spirits because the church is afraid of allowing God’s supernatural gifts to be used.

The church needs to be known as a place people can come to hear God’s solutions for their specific problems and receive the healing that they need. There is a need for structure but when it is used to control people’s encounters with God then it needs to be eliminated. The competition, jealousy, and abuse of authority needs to end.

Godfrey Birtil does a great job summarizing this issue in one of his songs:

“When I look at the blood
All I see is love love love
When I stop at the cross 
I can see the love of God

But I can’t see competition, I can’t see hierarchy
I can’t see pride or prejudice, Or the abuse of authority
I can’t see lust for power, I can’t see manipulation
I can’t see rage or anger or selfish ambition

I can’t see unforgiveness, I can’t see hate or envy
I can’t see stupid fighting; Or bitterness or jealousy
I can’t see empire building, I can’t see self-importance
I can’t see back stabbing or vanity or arrogance 

When I look at the blood 
All I see is love love love
When I stop at the cross 
I can see the love of God

I see surrender, sacrifice, salvation, humility, righteousness, faithfulness, grace, forgiveness”

If we had a little more love all of these issues would start to disappear. What a revolutionary idea.

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