Timely Words

“How delightful is a timely word!” – Proverbs 15:23b

God loves to speak to us and through us.  Sometimes it is a word for our own lives and sometimes it is a word for somebody else.  But it is always best when it is released in the proper time.  This verse in Proverbs tells us that it is good to receive a timely word.  Encouragement is always nice but it is best delivered when someone is discouraged, and the same could be said for many other varieties of words that can be shared.  God tells us what we need to hear at the appropriate time and he gives us words to share with others at the appropriate time.  But sometimes he gives us a word ahead of time and doesn’t want us to give it to the person until the time is right.  It is important to discern when this happens so that the word is a timely word and not given too early or too late.

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