I have been thinking about unity a lot lately. The body of Christ is so large and there is so much we need to accomplish, but it often seems like we are disjointed and not working together as well as we could be. I was excited to hear that Christian organizations were doing more for the victims of hurricanes than the federal government, it was encouraging to me because it was a glimpse of what we could pull off, if we were willing to cross denominational lines and work together on solutions to the world’s problems. We have been given the mind of Christ, every solution to every problem is available to us. And since each member of the body plays a different role, we have to come together to fully represent the answers that the world needs. It is almost like God has given us different pieces to a puzzle and we all have to come together to see the puzzle fully put together. I believe the walls between the denominations are coming down and the believers are starting to work together in ways that will show the world how to solve the major problems we face. We are seeing more churches and leaders meeting with each other, movements shifting from large congregations to small house churches with a focus on actively changing culture, and ministry networks being formed to encourage forming a bond of unity. These are the types of actions that will allow us to more effectively change the culture and beliefs of those outside of the church. And I believe that, if the church would lead the way, the rest of the world will follow.

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