Value of miracles

I’ve been thinking about the value of miracles lately and how the church really needs to value the miraculous more if we want to be relevant in society. Much of the church is focused on being relevant today, and by the church I mean all of the church and not just one denomination or stream. And so we want to be relevant but I think that our desire to be relevant has brought us to this place where we want to be accepting of everyone, which is great. But we are also hyper sensitive about not offending anyone, which is not so great because it can keep us from teaching on topics that might scare away some of the congregation. So what’s interesting to me is that a large and growing section of society is interested in the supernatural and this is an interest that I think we can capitalize on by teaching on and operating in the gifts of the Spirit. But this is an area that can be offensive to some people and maybe even scare them away, especially if they are not used to it or if they had bad experiences in the past at churches that had a skewed view of how to partner with God. So think about this for a minute; God could speak one word and every sickness and disease would vanish off of the earth. So why doesn’t he do it? Because he put the responsibility of the earth firmly in our hands and he gave us both the authority and the power to take care of the earth and everything on it. We can quickly increase our relevance in society by following Jesus’ model of ministry and giving our communities exactly what they need.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I unpack this idea by sharing ways you can partner with God to restore hope to your communities.

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