Value of Testimonies

As I look around my desk this morning I see some interesting things that remind me of the goodness of God and the focus I need to have each day. There is a stack of one dollar chips from a handful of casinos in Las Vegas that remind me to be a risk taker and go all in every day. There’s a piece of communications wire that tells me to unplug each day and spend time with God. And, there’s a small wooden box that contains a list of some of the first words of knowledge and miracles I saw, along with a few feathers that appeared in our house. And it makes me think about the importance of testimonies. It is so important to share what God is doing. Even the things that seem so small to you might be a really big deal to someone else. This is why we try to grab a quick video when a miracle happens. It’s not about showing off what we can do; it’s about showing off what God has done. Testimonies are markers in our lives that clearly indicate an encounter with God that shifted things into a new direction. They are reminders of what God has done, and an encouragement of what he will do for others. Miracles are happening more often than most people realize but I feel like we aren’t doing a great job, outside of this relatively small community of supernatural believers, to spread the word. I want to challenge everyone today, if you see a testimony on social media, don’t just like it, share it. And if God has performed a miracle through you or in you, share that with as many people as you can; especially the ones who don’t believe. We can all be a little more proactive at spreading the good news. I have been lacking in this myself and you will definitely see a lot more testimony content from us on the standard social media sites in the near future. Let’s make Jesus even more famous on the earth!

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