There’s a war raging all around us and every one of us is involved whether we realize it or not. The enemy wants to destroy our way of life and he is targeting everyone and everything in his path. This has gone on for far too long. We have the power to stop him, we need to stand up and fight! Jesus already secured the victory on the cross several thousand years ago so part of our job as Christians is to enforce the reality of that victory upon the enemy. Our covenant with Jesus gives us the authority to disrupt and destroy every one of his actions but so many Christians don’t even realize that they are on a battlefield. We are all part of this fight and we hold the key to victory.

Col. 1:16 tells us that everything was created for Jesus and it specifically lists thrones, powers, rulers, and authorities. Every throne was created for Jesus. Every Throne! So any throne the enemy is occupying is being held illegally and needs to be reclaimed for Jesus. We can take back every inch of territory the enemy has stolen and return it to a place of peace. But we need to be more motivated towards this cause. Jesus didn’t die so that the world could continue to suffer at the hands of satan.

I am determined to see every stronghold of the enemy torn down. I’m tired of seeing people held in captivity to an enemy that has no real power over them. I am determined to see people restored to their rightful place as sons and daughters of God. Every person has a purpose to fulfill on this earth and they need to be set free so they can fulfill what they alone were created to do. I am determined to see people grab hold of that purpose and to fully walk out their God given destiny on the earth. Every person that is freed is one more person capable of expanding the Kingdom of God.

Join the fight and let’s do our best to kick the devil in his pig nosed face every single day! Let’s go get Jesus everything he paid for!

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