What does abiding look like?

I love John 14-16, it’s one of my favorite sections in the Bible. I love the conversation that Jesus has with his disciples (and us) in these few chapters. It seems to me that this is the most candid recorded conversation that Jesus had with the disciples while he was on the earth, and he revealed some pretty big pieces of kingdom culture in this conversation. Being one with God and focusing our love on him is a major focus of this conversation, and it is one that has intrigued me for a long time. What does it look like to really abide with Jesus on a daily basis? I was thinking about this some more this past week while I wondered what it looks like to receive supernatural breakthrough on regular basis. Jesus made a promise in John 14 and 15 that, if we remain connected to him, he will give us anything we ask. And yet, we all have so many prayers that are not yet answered. So, it makes me wonder more about the idea of abiding, and about how some of the prominent people in the Bible achieved breakthrough. I think about the radical encounters Daniel had with the angels who revealed to him the future, or how Ezekiel had some equally incredible encounters, and then John, much later on, had so much revealed to him. I have seen God do some crazy things, and I have had my own adventures with him, but nothing that compares to what I read about in the Bible. Then I think about the other promise Jesus made in John 14 about his followers doing the same, and greater things, than he did. I’ve seen some cool miracles, but nothing on the scale as what we read about in the gospels. So, I’m wondering this week, what does abiding really look like and how much of a role does abiding play in breakthrough? We can’t do anything apart from Jesus, so we need to constantly stay connected to him, there is no doubt there. It probably looks a little different for all of us, but maybe the key to seeing the greater miracles, and the breakthroughs, and having the greater encounters, is to spend a greater amount of time in his presence. It’s not about the miracles or encounters, it’s about staring into the eyes of our King. Everything else is a byproduct of the depth of that relationship. If this is true, I definitely need to go deeper, we all probably do. Join me, and let’s see where he takes us.

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