What’s Next?

I often find myself asking God about what is next. What is next for our nation? What is next for our city? What is the next step to take for our ministry? The Kingdom of God is constantly advancing and ever expanding to increase the Lord’s influence in the earth, and I want to be front and center, involved in what he is doing, and participating in bringing his kingdom to earth in greater measures. God is always up to something new and incredible. We may not be able to see around every corner or know exactly what step to take, but if we are willing to take the risk of just following where he leads, it will lead to greater encounters with him and greater opportunities to see other lives changed. It doesn’t matter what it is. We just need to say yes to him. So I ask these questions because I want to be right there with him when he moves. And since he is working all over the world, you can ask the same questions and participate in his mission wherever you live. It’s not limited to just a few people, we all get to participate! We all get to be a part of the greatest kingdom on earth! We all get to represent Jesus everywhere we go! Ask God the same questions. Listen for his answers, and follow where his Spirit leads. He will never disappoint you.

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