What’s so good about Friday?

What’s so good about Friday? Well, today, “Good Friday”, is the day we remember and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made so many years ago. As the tradition goes, it was on a Friday afternoon that the King of the universe was hung on a cross for the sins of all humanity. When, in the history of the world, has any leader of a kingdom ever laid down his life to save his people? Sure, some kings have died on a battlefield but when has one voluntarily handed himself over without a fight knowing full well that a sentence of death would be imposed?

Jesus is the only king who has ever accomplished this task. The very Son of God left his heavenly palace to become the son of a previously unknown carpenter. He became as the very ones he created to show humanity how far he was willing to go to prove his love. I can’t think of a better day to commit your life to him than on the anniversery of his sacrifice.

Maybe this is where the TGIF phrase originated.
Maybe this is a good day to thank God for Friday’s and a whole lot more.

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