Why does God care?

“What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” The Psalmist asks an intriguing question in Psalm 8:4 that I have also pondered, and that you have probably wondered about at some point in your life as well. Why does God care about us? Why would he bother with a species that, for thousands of years, has routinely ignored him and his statutes. It’s an interesting question, for sure. I watched a documentary this week about Scientology and I was intrigued to learn about how much brainwashing goes into a religion that, on the surface, is portrayed as one designed to make the participant and the world better. But when you dig deeper you find an organization based on fear and manipulation so intense that it causes people to never question the leadership. Fear drives the success of the organization. There is no one at the top that actually cares about the followers. In a way, it is the exact opposite of Christianity. Although this film wasn’t created to compare anything to Christianity, I found a glaring comparison between the two as the Lord reminded me of this verse in the Psalms.

Why does God care about us? In a word, love. In the midst of a world with dictators, terrorists, and cultish religions operating on fear, God offers love. In a society that demands immediate satisfaction, God offers love. His offer is always the same and it is the reason why he is mindful of us. It’s why he stands by our side even after we make mistakes. It’s why he offers us opportunities to partner with him. It’s why he puts his Spirit inside of us. His love is quite overwhelming and it is something no other belief system can ever rival. There are plenty of counterfeits out there, but this is the real deal. God really is love, and his love is why he cares so much for each one of us.

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