Wikipedia Loves Charismatic Christianity

Several months ago, I stumbled across something interesting on Wikipedia that I didn’t know existed. Most people know that Wikipedia contains an article on pretty much every major topic you can think of and that a simple Google search tends to return a Wikipedia link as one of the first few websites to visit. But, what I discovered, is that there is an entire section of Wikipedia articles about charismatic Christianity; almost 1,500 of them! And, more surprisingly to me, no one was actively editing any of these articles. So, there are all these articles that come up as a top result when someone searches on Google but many of them are incomplete, inaccurate, or greatly slanted with a negative viewpoint. I thought to myself, if someone searches for a Christian topic, and one of the first results is a Wikipedia article, then that Wikipedia article needs to be accurate. In case you didn’t know, Wikipedia is mostly managed by volunteers and anyone can edit the content of an article if they adhere to a few basic rules. So, I created an account, familiarized myself with the Wikipedia crowd, and dove right into updating the charismatic Christianity project page. I chose the article on the Toronto Blessing as a starting point since that was the movement that spurred so many other movements and ministries into existence and when this one is finished I will branch out to some of the other already created articles to ensure they are accurate as well. But it’s something I can’t do by myself. I usually have a little bit of time each week that I can dedicate to this work and would love for some others to jump in with me. We can use a website with worldwide notoriety to spread amazing stories about what God is doing throughout the world! Come join me; you can create an account here.

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