World Changers

I was watching a movie a few days ago and a major plot in the movie was that an investor decided to take a big risk on something he knew was going to have a huge payout, but it would cost him millions of dollars over several years before the big payday would actually come. Somehow, he just knew he was right. And even though everyone around him thought he was crazy, he stuck to his intuition, made the investment, and then rode out a tumultuous storm for a few years. In the end, he was proven right and brought in almost a 500% profit on the investment. As it turns out, great risks can produce great rewards.

World changers are usually the ones who look foolish to others because no one else seems to understand what they do. It can look foolish to give up everything in order to pursue a dream God has put in your heart. Very few people agreed with Martin Luther when he challenged the Catholic church’s position but hundreds of millions of people today have benefitted from the risk he took. If we want to see God move in amazing ways through our lives, we have to learn to be risk takers. We have to be willing to say yes, even if we don’t know where the “yes” is going to take us and even if everyone else around us thinks we are crazy. It also helps to have a few good risk taking mentors that can help you make sure you are hearing accurately because it can be quite confusing in the midst of the journey to where God is taking you.

God is always faithful. He has proven himself time after time in situation after situation and he has never let anyone fail who was passionately pursuing His purposes. Ask God about the risks he wants you to take, say yes, and then get ready for a crazy adventure of changing the world!

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