World changers

Did you know that we are all incredibly valuable to God and that he doesn’t want any of us to live outside of the role he has called us to? He wants everyone of us to partner with and participate with him. It’s an incredible plan and we all play an important part. I hear so many people say things like “I’m not worthy to be used” because of something in their past but I’ll tell you right now to get that notion out of your head. You are so incredibly valuable. Jesus would not have died for you if you were not worth it. You are valuable, you are royalty, you are special to God. He died because you are worthy. It’s important to understand this because you cannot fulfill God’s plan for your life if you aren’t walking in true identity. We have to know and we have to understand how God sees us, what he thinks about us, and that he does have a plan for us. And it isn’t a little plan either. We have to get this if we are ever going to fulfill the role he has called us to. And this isn’t just about the miraculous either. Not everyone is called to full time ministry in a church. Some are called to be in the government arena, or in the entertainment arena, and no matter where we are called God will give us the wisdom and ability to be the best at that job. We need to be seen; Christians need to be seen as the best of the best so that everyone else will come to us to know why we are so different. We have to stand out from the crowd at least enough to pique people’s interest so that they come to us. And that’s what gives us the opportunity to speak into their lives. But we can never arrive at that point if we don’t first know how much God values us and want to use us. Walk in the fullness of your identity and you will change the world.

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