Have you ever noticed how some people are always depressed, or always sad, or maybe always angry? Have you ever wondered why they go through life with this demeanor? The simple answer is that they are most likely carrying an unseen wound on their soul and the outward behavior we see is a result of that wound. Ok, maybe that isn’t a simple answer so let’s unpack it a bit. Most everyone carries around some type of wound because when we sin or when others sin against us it wounds our soul. Let’s face it, life can be messy and if we don’t know how to clean up our souls those wounds we end up with can lead to bigger problems down the road. For example, if a parent repeatedly called their child stupid it creates an unseen wound that can lead to low self-esteem as they get older. Even psychologists have recognized this issue and have been teaching positive reinforcement for years to curb this problem. And there are many other examples from domestic abuse, sinful lifestyles, or other issues in life that typically create emotional problems. Have you ever met someone who, immediately after seeing them, you wanted to reject them? This is a common situation when you encounter someone carrying wounds from a lifetime of rejection. It’s almost as if the soul wound is broadcasting “reject me.” And the same is true for the myriad of other problems that all of us encounter on a daily basis.

I actually tend to think that most negative or unhealthy personality traits are probably connected to some form of soul wound and though it isn’t a subject discussed very often in church, it is a real issue that we all deal with whether we realize it or not. The other reality is that these wounds are like targets for the enemy to go after and he will use them to build strongholds in your life. Jesus did not die just for salvation (though that was a big piece). Isaiah 53:5 tell us “with his stripes we are healed.” That’s a physical healing. And in Psalm 23 we see this reference, “he restores my soul.”  Jesus’ death brought about the possibility for a spiritual healing (salvation), a physical healing, and a healing for the soul. And we need to experience all three if we want to be completely whole! But the church typically doesn’t do a very good job with salvation because the tendency is to get someone to pray a prayer and then send them on their way without working out the process of repentance, soul cleansing, or deliverance at the altar. Then we end up with all of these wounded Christians walking around wounding others with their own words. The good news is that you can break that cycle by forgiving those who caused the wounds (including yourself) and asking God to bring complete healing to your soul! It’s so easy to be free when you know what is causing the problem. Take a few minutes today and ask God to heal the wounds you are carrying.


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