Wounds of the past

Wounded people wound other people. That’s a reality of life. And when we know this reality, it is so much easier to not be offended when people do or say things that try to hurt us. When we recognize this fact, we can love people no matter what they do, because we can see that they are acting out of their own woundedness. In a way, it makes us feel sorry for them, sorry for their situation, and gives us a desire to see them set free. The great news is that we, as representatives of Jesus, have the authority to lead a person from a place of brokenness to a place of wholeness. I met someone once who told me he was struggling with depression, and he was a little shocked when I told him that I had authority over depression. Why? Because that is part of my identity as a son of God. The same is true of any other type of emotional wound that someone may be carrying around. Jesus already paid for them to be free of their baggage, and we get to help them give that baggage to Jesus. When you come across someone who is emotionally wounded, ask Holy Spirit what the root cause is, then pray for healing for that specific root cause. Even if they won’t let you pray with them in that moment, you can still pray for them at a later time on your own. God wants them to be free more than we do, and when we choose to partner with his vision for the people we encounter, we will see him do incredible things in their lives. I am sure you can think of at least one person right now who is carrying some emotional wounds. Maybe you are carrying some yourself that you need to lay down as well. Have a chat with Holy Spirit. Get his advice, and start praying for people to be free!

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