You Are Worthy

I hear a lot of Christians say things like “I’m not worthy of God’s love,” “I’m not worthy of his sacrifice,” “I’m not worthy to be in his presence,” or other similar comments. I think that their thought process is probably from the perspective that because someone else paid the penalty for their sins they are pushing the envelope a little too far by asking for more. I can understand the desire to be humble but sometimes we take it too far. Sometimes we allow our religious ideas to overshadow our relationship with God. And that perspective tends to skew the reality of who we are. Jesus said in John 15 we are friends with him, not servants. Friends have the ability to ask for anything they need because of the that close relationship. Servants only get what they are given. Friends have access to everything.

This perspective also makes us think that we need to learn to live with what we have been given; whether that deals with poor health, a lack in finances, bad relationships, or any other negative thing we encounter on a daily basis. There’s this notion that our problems become our cross to bear. And it goes right back to feeling unworthy to ask for relief or help from the only one who can give it. John 3:16 say’s that God so loved the world. It doesn’t say he had mercy on the world, or that he had pity on us. It tells us that Jesus’ sacrifice was because of love. Jesus died for most of the human race before we were ever born. He wouldn’t have done that if we weren’t worth it. He wouldn’t have taken the step to free humanity if we were worthless. We can easily say that his blood made us worthy but it’s bigger than that because he decided we were worthy before he ever spilled a drop of blood. We were created in the image of God and given a unique opportunity to have a relationship with him that no other part of creation can have. Georgian Banov made a profound statement a few years ago. He said, “If you’re not free from sin until you die, then Jesus isn’t your Savior, death is!” I think we can modify that quote just a bit to say that if you aren’t worthy of everything Jesus paid for until you die, then Jesus isn’t your Savior, death is! Here’s the deal, Jesus’ death paid for more than our salvation. A free salvation is easily the largest benefit we can receive from that, but he also paid for healing, deliverance, freedom, and access to all that heaven has. He wouldn’t have done that if we weren’t worth it.

You are worthy.
You are worthy of his love, his grace, his mercy, his joy, his provision.
Stop saying you’re not worthy and start living from a new perspective.

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