You Can’t Not Be Changed

One supernatural encounter with God is all it takes to change a person.  When God shows up and shifts your reality you immediately recognize that you have encountered the one who has created everything.  Peter realized this in Luke chapter 5 when, after seeing a miracle of two boatloads of fish weighing down their ships, “amazement had seized him.”  And it wasn’t just him, the verse continues with “and all his companions.”  They were all amazed and they were all changed.  I have seen similar reactions with Muslims who were physically healed by the same Jesus that they don’t follow.  The look of confusion in their eyes is unmistakable as they encounter the Messiah.  These encounters will change even those who don’t believe.  Now listen, praying a little prayer is nice but if you are not encountering the presence of God than you need to press in a little harder.  Take more time to spend with him and I guarantee your reality will change and you will begin to have “new normals”.  You simply can’t not be changed when he shows up.

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